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Berget Events

le Mar 3 Juil 2012 - 19:37
Un jour peut être...

Re: Berget Events

le Mar 3 Juil 2012 - 23:18
les videos / photos de berget 10 devraient sortir bientot...

A voir que leurs regles sont hyper drastiques en termes de jeu / emport / respawns, etc...

(Org'Airsoft aussi fera un truc de malade..quand on aura trouvé un terrain immense)

Re: Berget Events

le Mer 4 Juil 2012 - 14:39
copier coller d'un des posts...(evidemment, il y a aussi des posts courts qui disent que c'etait bien)

Now then not so good stuff:
- The gamearea felt empty. Civilians in Janco were realy missing. Last year this area was way more alive.
- The shitters: BE should have emtied them more often. To send somebody to clean it with water doesn't solve the problem
- The tents. Fortunately Sappers got the new tents, which were nice per se, but they were put up the wrong way ( you have to ram the poles with in angle into the ground; not straight) our tent collapsed every night on one side
- Lack of information. Sometimes we did missions and didn't got to know the purpose. We asked, but our superiors were also not informed about it.
- No Bang/Take-your-hit rule. As last year i think there should be an official rule for that. I was glad that I met a Zansian that showed mercy and just told me that i was shot than actually shooting me when he was next to me and I was unarmed. If this would be a normal rule, a lot of accidents could be avoided, like one of my squadmembers getting shot in the face on point blank.
-excessiv alcohol consume before gameday: at the nigt before gamestart there were a lot of wild parties happening in Poldavian camp. I am not a guy who damns alcohol, but you should drink responsibly. There were a some guys using their guns while drunk, and some doing dangerous stuff...please guys stop it. it is dangerous not only to you but also to others.
- The motherfu*kers that ripped down the norwegian flag
- The MGLs. It was a nice concept, but it was not used properly. The area we went in wasn't wearth the effort getting there. It was just another forrest. I hoped for some cool area, like an old military base or stuff like that. BE should scratch that element for next year and should rather concentrate on the basics.
- The "Guard the Silo" mission on friday night. Sappers got orders to guard it for 6 hours. It was dark, cold, stormy and wet. At first that was no problem. we prepared for heavy fightings. We dug in and created fortyfied positions. After f4 hours i started to feel not so well (I got 3 layers of cold weather gear, and all were wet) so I returned to base with some other lads. One hour later the rest of our squad came and I asked why they didn't stayed till replacements should arrive at 3am. The reply blew my mind: NAF called out a cease fire for the night....our whole mission was pointless. BE could have talked to the commaders earlier and we wouldn't had to be out there. I am not whining about the weather or things like that. I am not okay with the information policy by BE. The weather was bad all evening, and BE could have known that there would be alot of wet/cold casulties...
- lack of civvies (i only saw psyops)
- Problems with BAVS. Our AT-4 operator tried to shoot down a NAF vehicle. He was within the distances and aimed at the reciever. He fired 4 shots from different positions, but no hit was recieved. We assumed that the driver had his System on, so we assume technical problems.
- offgame NAF "taxidrivers" that drove around our roadblock. was a real dissapointment to see that happen.

Je pense quand meme que c'est inhérent à ce genre d’évènement, avec autant de joueurs et de regles difficiles à assimiler

Re: Berget Events

le Mer 4 Juil 2012 - 16:30
Avec plus de 1500 joueurs c'est normal qu'il y est des ratés Very Happy

Re: Berget Events

le Mer 4 Juil 2012 - 16:35
c'est clair

Re: Berget Events

le Mer 4 Juil 2012 - 16:36
Par contre, j'ai trouvé les regles hyper contraignantes et compliquées

A analyser pour la mise en place d'un "Le Mans" (Berget Francais) Wink
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Re: Berget Events

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